Key Features

Test shows the speed of the slowest link between you and the test server

For more accurate results when performing a speed test, make sure that Internet bandwidth is not in use by your computer or any other device on the network

Results may be altered by PC performance

Works as a speed test for ADSL as well !

Speed Test, Connection utilities

During events, or any time of year, you need reliable tools to check and test your Internet connectivity.

Viapass has created a multi-task web page for this purpose :

  • Shows your internal IP address (NAT)
  • Shows your external IP address (public IP)
  • Allows for speed test (upload and download)
  • Checks remote servers connection status (such as, or, etc)
  • Includes a traceroute test
  • Includes a ping test
  • You need to have Java Virtual Machine installed on your system to use tools on web page.