There often is a big difference between supplied services and Clients' actual expectations.

Our Clients expect us to supply both cost-effective services, and the extra touch of proactive assistance that makes the difference. This task is not an easy one to achieve. It takes important amounts of equipment, skills and staff.

We have dedicated important amounts of resources to various systems and processes that make our work even more efficient when it is about technical support:

  • ToIP-based Hotline designed to support various types of crisis situations

  • Real-time incident tracking system and dashboard driving operation tasks on the ground

  • Efficient troubleshooting management processes for fast decision-making

  • Selected skilful engineers, with a long experience of the event business constraints

  • Enough staff to perform immediate interventions on our field of operations

  • Troubleshooting, assistance to users' devices configurations, listening and advising

  • Real-time supervision systems, maximizing Customers' ROI by anticipating resources wherever needed.