Viapass Services

  • Event management : tools, experience and motivation: The keys to handle all aspects of the management of your Event, up to the most technical tasks.

  • Support : seconds count for days when you need assistance. We offer the extra touch of high tech support that makes a difference need assistance, whilst remaining discreet and low profile so you can do business.

  • Equipment supply : by servicing some of the largest events for years, we are able to supply important amounts of equipment of all kinds, and to ensure fast support response times.

  • Internet access : Viapass is a true Telecommunications Operator. Not easy to find on any show floor. We have the competence and resources that it takes to operate, supervise and support communications links of all natures, using all sorts of technologies.

  • Data : by implementing cutting edge IP and network technologies, we have designed tools and solutions that serve all kinds of needs in the domains of data management and transportation.