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If you are looking for a seamless connectivity experience, our sales and technical team is trained to make technology accessible and easy to use. They will assist you at all steps, from advising you on the best solutions, to supporting you at any time via our hotline.

High speed optical fiber links bring you efficiency and peace of mind throughout your event.

Viapass is committed to providing dedicated internet access, symmetrical (up and down) bandwidth and guaranteed speed.

We have full control over our infrastructure and can intervene easily and quickly if necessary.

Benefits of Optical Fiber :

Symmetrical speed
Upload speed is matching the download speed, ideal if you have files to upload or spend a lot of time on video conferences.
Optical fiber is not sensitive to weather, temperature and distances, making it highly reliable.
Guaranteed speed
No downtime with FTTO, you enjoy the same speed at all times, perfect if you are in constant high needs or for critical use.
Did you know ?
We are already one step ahead and provide very high speeds up to 100 Gb/s, and even more in 2023.

Opt for the WiFi Hotspot to connect up to thousands of users and their multiple devices for an optimal digital experience.

Based on our fast and secure optical fiber infrastructure, and thanks to a very high-density capacity, we can accommodate a lot of devices simultaneously and connect your audience or your organization via our dedicated networks.

Our offer includes :

Site survey :
we analyze your venue and consider several key elements such as the structure of the building itself, the areas to cover, and the expected density;
Installation :
our technical team sets up everything, with the latest WiFi equipment technology (Cisco WiFi 6 protocol);
Portal :
we set up dedicated WiFi networks, with different authentication solutions, and customization of the authentication portal;
Monitoring :
our team is supervising the whole event real-time and reacts in case of a network congestion.
Did you know ?
For 68% of workers and 80% of travelers, a high-speed internet and good quality WiFi is one of their most important needs.
Are you on the move, in a remote area with little connectivity, need a last minute solution or in need of a back-up solution?
Mobile and Satellite will probably suit you best!

Connecting you and your devices using mobile networks in France and Europe.

Our internet 4G & 5G Mobile solutions are equally suited for permanent or temporary needs.

When to use ?

Connect phones :
Equip your employees, visitors and travelers with sim cards to ensure they securely access your cloud or services at all time.
Connect devices :
Smoothen your operations and connect eligible devices.
Create your own network :
You need to connect multiple devices temporarily, as a back-up or in remote areas.

As a connectivity solution within everyone’s reach, Viapass offers :
  • Speed of service (get your Sim or eSim up and running in less than 24h)
  • Flexibility of use : Choose between monthly subscriptions and a cost per use
  • To save on roaming when traveling around Europe,
  • Data mutualization : we allow you to mutualize the data of all your SIMs to balance costs
  • More security, than most public WiFi

How does it work ?

Rent your SIM card or eSIM virtual card for your device
Rent a 4G / 5G plug and play router:
To create your own network & connect multiple devices at the same time (wired and wireless options).
Select Data Subscription
Choose between monthly subscription
Or pay as you go

Our satellite internet offer is another option to connect people and events a secure and efficient way.

In concrete terms, we bring the network to places where it is difficult to reach.

Internet by Satellite is mainly suitable as a back-up, or permanent operations and events taking place in hard-to-reach, isolated or white, black or mobile-dense areas.

Good to know :
Back up means peace of mind: sometimes just 1 type of connection is not enough, we can combine multiple connectivity solutions under a single network to fully optimize your connectivity.
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