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As a telecommunications operator, we offer a variety of ways to connect to the Internet while at an event or on the road by building specific networks permanently or temporarily like :

  • Local Area Network (LAN) : a short link between network devices to connect any types of devices within the same location to ease data transfer.
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) : a longer link to create similar connection between devices but at further locations from one another within the same city using optic fiber cables.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) : using optical fiber cables WAN is link connecting offices and devices from anywhere, you can have your temporary office during your event in Cannes within the same network of your head office in London for example.

Why build a Network ?

  • Mobility : you are opening a temporary office in another location, and still want it connected on the same network to save time, energy & optimize operations?
  • Interconnexion on the same network : you have several sites that need to be interconnected (offices, hotels, event venues)?
  • Back-up : : you would be reassured to have an Internet network and a “backup” network, in case of need?
  • All these cases lend themselves perfectly to the deployment of a Network.

Our solution :

An engineering team with high expertise in this field.
We build networks using our own highly secured infrastructure.
We create customized networks, to fully adapt to your needs.
The on-site and off-site support available at all time.
Good to know :
For your Business Sustainability, we increase your Energy Efficiency and Reducing Costs.
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