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At Viapass, sustainability is a key pillar of our business strategy.
We believe that every organization regardless of their size should be responsible and can lead the way.

As a Telecom operator, we have identified 3 pillars with the most impact, that are the core of our sustainability practices :

Energy consumption
Business ethics
Customer’s relationship

1. Energy consumption

The environmental impact of telecom operators is mostly related to their CO2 emission driven by the high energy consumption demand by the network and data centers.

Viapass is committed to reducing their emission through 2 ways :

  • Building and improving our infrastructure to optimize energy consumption. For example, when part of our infrastructure is not in use, it doesn’t require energy.
  • Staying up to speed on new technologies: in 2023, we’ll be replacing all of our infrastructure equipment with energy efficient ones, allowing us to reduce our consumption by 2, while delivering higher performance.

To limit electronic waste, our recycling program is built around 3 axes :

  • Recycle with equipment vendor
  • Donate to organizations who cannot afford costly equipment (schools, non-profit)
  • Resell on second hand market

Also, since our daily mission is to support our customers, we make sure that we actively participate in this chain of reduction at all levels, by supporting them, advising them and raising their awareness on these subjects.

2. Business ethics

More than an objective, or even a philosophy, business ethics reflects for us the way we work. Going beyond technology, Viapass has always placed humans at the center.
Transparency and integrity are our core values, allowing us to build strong trustworthy relationships with our customers and business partners.
We protect our client’s personal information
No tolerance for corruption
We expect the same ethics from our business partners
We only accept business when we know we can meet the requirements

3. Customer relationship

We may work in a technical field, still this is a human-to-human business after all;

This is why we insist on human talks and interaction.
And that’s one of the things we love most about our company: the people in it.

This is why customer relations are so important to us.

From contact to support, people are everywhere.

Our experts can be described as a “human-sized team“.

The label is based on the ISO 26 000 standard and is for businesses and organizations committed to operating in a socially responsible way on all relevant dimensions – economic, environmental, ethical and societal.

We are proud and happy to have achieved the Human for Client label process through the National Institute of Customer Relations (INRC) in February 2020 and successfully renewed our follow-up audit in 2022.

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